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What can we help you with?

Our CAFA team has gathered a variety of resources in order to help its members navigate the world of accounting and finance. Whether you are looking for CPA guides, post-secondary or career insights, educational support or community involvement opportunities CAFA has something for you! Click on one of the topics below to see how we can help. Some pages are limited to members only, click here to become a CAFA member today!

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 Navigate the world of CPA with curated resources from comprehensive CPABC guides to CAFA info charts we aim to provide students with valuable insights.

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Interested in learning more? Delve into a trove of educational materials curated by our expert faculty. Explore webinars, articles, blogs, and podcasts covering cutting-edge accounting and finance topics. 

Graduation Caps

Explore Camosun Resources from program requirement guides to Campus Supports, access everything you need to thrive in your accounting and finance studies at Camosun.

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Discover a multitude of opportunities to elevate your resume and cover letter. Explore campus and community volunteer opportunities. 

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Chart your career with curated tips and tricks for crafting effective resumes and cover letters. Explore guides and information on local firms, their specialties, and co-op opportunities.

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 Elevate your academic journey with upcoming workshops, extra practice  and supplemental videos. These resources provide targeted assistance, helping you master accounting and finance concepts with ease. 

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